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                About Us
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                Shenzhen Kelin container cleaning engineering limited liability company employ chemical machinery industry experts as technical backing, have the professional qualifications of engineer for processing project, technical backbone has extensive experience in the main, to create a systematic, professional and high quality non guerrilla labor service team. Company and the domestic many famous University Alliance, with the research achievements of colleges and universities to provide platform for practice and employment for college students, the entity economy, have developed a special cleaning equipment and cleaning the cleaning tools and special cleaning agent, to provide accurate solutions to difficult oil tank cleaning, security, responsible; standard, professional, innovation, transcendence is Kelin human height.

                Kelin team

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                Address:Shenzhen city Longgang District ZhangShubu community street camphor five Lane 2, Room 201
                TEL:0755-84252388 FAX:+86-0755-84252388 E-mail:sz81291628@163.com      Technical Support:YEACE