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                The advantage of equipmen…
                technological superiority…
                The advantage of industry…
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                The advantage of equipment Home - Service advantage
                一、Eight functions of flow operation car display function
                1 Vacuum pumping sewage, safety, high efficiency
                2 Hydraulic lift, hydraulic drive cover, quick dump
                3 Vehicle flow explosion-proof pump, used for field inverted (RPM) oil
                4 On-board high-power high-pressure washing cars, flexible, water-saving, environmental protection
                5 Matching for four respiration using positive pressure ventilator, according to human respiratory mechanism of free breathing
                6 Vehicle-mounted mobile power distribution box, power and Zhao Mingyuan
                7 With risk identification lamp, warning area
                8 Car LCD monitor via Bluetooth transmission camera, clear observation of tank cleaning process

                二、Forced through Yin and Yang Fan to solve single kernel convection problem hole gas replacement   三、No clean multi-purpose wall climbing robot: a large storage tank

                四、No cleaning three-dimensional automatic cleaning nozzle, suitable for small vessels  五、Ultra high pressure cleaning machine

                六、Suspension automatic rotating high-pressure cleaning gun, hard and soft gun                 七、The tank lighting and visual system

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