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                Kelin QHSE management system

                Quality, health, safety and environment management system called QHSE management system, it sets the various countries colleague management experience, reflect the norms of today´s oil and natural gas enterprises in the city environment, the prevention, leadership commitment, full participation, continuous improvement of the scientific management thought, is the petroleum and natural gas industry modern management, towards the international market pass. Health, safety and environment management system of the formation and development for many years management experience accumulated results of exploration and development of petroleum, it reflects the integrity of the concept of integrated management.

                The HSE management system management system is the trinity. Q (quality) construction is guaranteed; H (Health) refers to the body without disease, maintained a good condition mentally; S (safety) refers to the labor in the production process, efforts to improve the working conditions, overcome insecurity, make the labor production in the premise of workers health, enterprise property is not affected by the loss, the people´s life safety smoothly; E (environment) is the sum of various natural forces or human life and production activities of the effect is closely related to human beings, it includes not only the combination, all kinds of natural factors, combined with each other to form also includes the ecological relationship between the human and natural factors. Because the management of safety, environment and health are inextricably linked in the actual work process, therefore the health (Health), security (Safety) and the environment (Environment) to form an overall management system, modern petrochemical enterprises is inevitable.

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