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                Three dimensional automatic unmanned tank cleaning technology Home - Service advantage
                My company′s own R & D design of 3D rotary impact type cleaning device.Using the latest unmanned tank cleaning technology, cleaning the bodyparts of small medium and large oil tank, oil contaminated or in need of cleaning, can remove stubborn dirt, oil tank or the box body oil, grease anddirt and other residues! Safety and high efficiency, cleaning more secure.Suitable for food processing, beverage, petroleum and chemical industry etc. large tank and tank cleaning.

                Three dimensional automatic unmanned tank cleaning characteristics:

                1, the 3-D rotation impact cleaning process, the real three-dimensional space 360 ° rotary cleaning, full coverage without blind spots;

                2, gear meshing full rotation and revolution, uniform distribution, regularcleaning trajectory;

                3, low pressure cleaning, without changing the pump and pipeline;

                4, no one into the tank cleaning, so that the workers from harmfulchemicals, more safety;

                5, automatic cleaning, the cleaning time and production cycle;

                6, save labor costs.

                Motor drive tank automatic washer advantage:

                1, large oil tank, oil cylinder and the maximum diameter of the cleaningcontainer;

                2, can choose pneumatic or explosion-proof motor;

                3, the motor is located outside the tank, which can prolong life and reduce the number of times due to exposure to harmful cleaning solvent andfailure;

                4, easy customization, which can meet the special requirements. Through the choice of nozzle or entrance pressure adjusting flow;

                5, the corrosion of 316SS and PTFE seal, long life;

                6, use with four nozzles spray hub instead of the standard double liquid column flow nozzle to complete the difficult cleaning;

                7, easy to install;

                8, has the best impact;

                9, the liquid column flow nozzle, a violent blow force cleaning and removal of stubborn residue;

                10, the cleaner can independently control the hydraulic pressure andspeed.

                Kelin cleaning tank has the industry experience, no one into the tank,safety! Environmental protection! Efficient! Energy saving!

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