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                Kelin cleaning container engineering in all oil tank cleaning site Home - Project item

                Kelin cleaning container engineering in all oil tank cleaning site

                A, project overview:

                1, heavy oil tank four 5000m3 a 2000m3 a 1000m3 two seat at the bottom of the tank (not including the tank wall) external cleaning and bottom heating pipe;

                Three pipelines, tanks and tank cleaning 2 around to the dock.

                Two, acceptance criteria:

                1, at the bottom of the tank and heating pipeline external cleaning cleaning rate reaches above 95%, to expose the raw material for surface no oil, oil sludge.

                2, to the inner wall of pipeline oil dock without heavy oil and impurities but does not include pipe oil color completely clear (to the cleaning of heavy oiltank wall as the reference).

                Three, cleaning steps:

                1, the implementation of pre job do all the preparatory work. Such as: the establishment of warning.

                2, the construction personnel with ppe.

                3, from the tank bottom oil.

                4, replacement of oil and gas discharge, ventilation.

                5, test tank of oil and gas concentration is in the safe range.

                The implementation of oil tank cleaning, tank before 6.

                7, cleaning after the acceptance by the oil tank cleaning standards.


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