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                The South China Sea oil deodorization tower, heat exchanger cleaning construction Home - Project item

                The South China Sea oil deodorization tower, heat exchanger cleaning construction

                The South China Sea oil industry five factory (Chiwan) Co. Ltd.

                Project overview

                One, the scope of the project: deodorization tower number: the number of 1-3 layer, the heat exchanger: 3.

                Two, the construction site: Fort Chiwan right

                Three, the construction content, process:

                1, the construction process is the construction of Party A according to the requirements of the required, process:

                Detection of concentration of toxic gases;

                , forced ventilation;

                Attachment of the tank wall, artificial slag;

                , super high pressure water cleaning tank wall, rob in annex and exchanger coil;

                The vacuum pumping out, car of residual liquid tank;

                , explosion-proof ventilation replacement and two of combustible gas concentration detection;

                Sadly, the two super high pressure water gun cleaning tank wall and column tube;

                Finally, the two sewage suction;

                , artificial wipe;

                The end of construction, on-site inspection and sorting.

                2, cleaning the acceptance criteria - regular maintenance and cleaning:

                The tank wall surface dirt, no loose, the inner wall of tank without obvious precipitation of impurities, dirt accumulation;

                Second, there is no foreign body because the construction factors caused by forgetting two pollution such as the tank caused by;

                The inner wall of yellow stains, without attachment;

                , tank and the damage;

                , construction site clean and tidy.

                Acceptance inspection

                After the completion of the project acceptance notice. According to the contract standard (i.e., status quo of clean deodorization tower existing) as the reference for acceptance, acceptance signature confirmation.

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