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                Great hidden danger for safety factory diesel rectification project Home - Project item

                Great hidden danger for safety factory diesel rectification project

                According to the company until the rectification diesel oil tank "inspection record" and our field exploration, our company for the simple construction process are as follows:

                A tank, installation of explosion-proof axial flow fan timing strong platoontank volatile oil and gas, reduce the content of oil and gas concentrationtank to reduce the potential safety hazard caused by oil and gasinstallation materials; artificial mechanical, access (single-phase power supply capacity to meet 220V500W).

                Two, the tank with oil unloading components (including the installation ofaluminum alloy rapid unloading joints, ball valve and submerged tankdrainage pipeline) to solve the oil unloading process of leakage, flow velocity and splash when unloading oil generate static electricity; theexplanation is due to the tank is installed to ensure the safety ofconstruction, to do a thorough cleaning in a tank.

                1, the bottom of the tank waste water and colloidal compounds precipitate is vacuum cleaning and disposal of Sinotrans according to impurity,precipitation or other foreign bodies in the existence of oil;

                2, the tank manhole and breathable partially open and the air replacement;

                3, the tank testing and evaluation of combustible gas concentration is not up to safety standards adopted in order to achieve the operating standardforced ventilation (oil and gas concentration is less than 13%);

                4, artificial entering into the tank cleaning installation;

                5, the installation of DN50 and stop breathing pipeline fire breather cap(breathing valve) and the above ground) 4m, position to ensure air circulation is appropriate;

                6, the tank increased lightning facilities (radiation angle greater than 45 degrees only with the grounding grid connected and ensure grounding resistance less than 8 ohm (4)) to increase the grounding is not up to the;

                Junction 7, import and tubing (threaded or flanged) increased flat copperjumper belt, oil discharge port increase galvanized grounding and the soft copper with static electricity electrostatic clamp and separated from the lightning protection network, and ensure that the grounding resistance of less than 4 ohms;

                8, in order to solve the security hidden danger amount oil tank, companies need to be equipped with special petrochemical dipstick;

                9, Kong Gai is a simple black metal cylinder is easy to hit no seal should be changed into the sealing cover.

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