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                Oil furnace cleaning Case Home - Project item
                     Oil furnace thermal effect is not good ? Fuel consumption serious ? Give oil furnace cleaning under the bar .
                     Oil furnace ( hot oil furnace or organic heat carrier furnace ) is inserted into the electric heater thermal oil heating , oil is fed through the heat pump cycle after heating to heat the device , then from the port back to the heating oil a cyclic heating furnace heating equipment . Since oil furnace with high thermal efficiency , uniform heating, low- temperature and other characteristics , are widely used in the chemical , rubber , plastics, metallurgy , food, textile, paper , industrial machinery and other industries. In conducting oil furnace , high temperature thermal oil under long-term operation , resulting in raw carbon pyrolysis coke . Easy to plug the furnace tubes, heat insulation to reduce heat transfer , so that the exhaust gas temperature increases, wasted fuel ; severe, can cause cracking furnace tube , the tube burn , affecting the life of the furnace tube and cause a fire. In addition to its replacement in the HTF , it must be cleaned , remove the inner wall of debris , to avoid affecting the thermal oil heat transfer efficiency and service life. So once found to replace oil or oil furnace heat transfer efficiency is poor, fuel costs , should be promptly cleaned.
                     Oil furnace cleaning program
                     1 , thermal oil heated to seventy to eighty degrees Celsius, discharge emptied HTF may be appropriate to add cleaning agent to dissolve , try to drain the residual oil .
                     2, according to the total amount of circulating dissolving cleaning agents added to the system, through the pump into the system , and then filled with water , turn on the heating water circulating pump , switching valve , so that the system can get all the parts of the cleaning cycle . Then open the drain valve in the system all low emission system water. Then again to the water clear water to rinse .
                     3, the cleaning agent according to the amount of dissolved join , put into the system filled with water , turn on the heating circulation pump cleaning agents . Switching system valve , so that all parts can be recycled cleaning. Switching valves once per hour . The cleaning time of not less than 24 hours . Check status of cleaning parts cleaning .
                     4 , fill with water to the system , open the circulating pump, furnace heated with water to 90 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the relevant valve switching system , so that all parts of the system were obtained cleaning. Rinse the system , over three hours later , open the drain valve systems are all low , the water drainage system . Then repeat the above operation , the system again fill with water , turn on the circulation pump with furnace heating temperature, the relevant valve switching system , so that all parts can be recycled cleaning. The system is rinsed thoroughly with water to clear water rinse grease . After three hours , all low drain valve , exhaust system open system water. Residual moisture in the drain system .
                     5 , add new thermal oil into the system .
                     After cleaning HTF aging failure can be avoided , saving energy , improving heat transfer efficiency , extend the life of the furnace equipment.
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