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                 Cleaning heat exchanger (heat exchanger cleaning) related Cases

                Application of enterprise  Huamei Pioneer Metals Corporation
                Application of content  Atlas air compressor cooler aluminum fin surface scaling
                applied technology  Fos Taco cleaning agent
                material property Guan Cheng: medium circulating water pressure of 3kg / CML, the water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃
                Ke Cheng media: compressed air pressure 7kg / cm2, temperature 90-100 ℃
                The scale and composition: iron oxide powder, dust
                Material: 304 stainless steel tube plate (welding); pipe thickness of 1m, material 304 stainless steel finned aluminum;
                material property Report of technical data
                The repairing process  

                L, ready to clean container, recommend the use of non metal container or stainless steel, aluminum containers, does not recommend the use of carbon steel or copper material container;
                2, the cooler into the container;
                3, add Shi Teck cleaning agent F2, F2 higher than the cooler
                4, soaking, can use mechanical method to clean up the fin surface soaking process;
                5, to observe the changes of the scale, if the scale is soft, the cooler out, using high pressure water cleaning;
                6, after cleaning, if the cooler surface is still part of the remaining dirt, repeat steps 4-5 until the cooler, clean up. 

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