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                Oil cooler cleaning-related Cases Home - Project item


                Oil cooler cleaning-related Cases

                 Application of enterprise Datang Power Generation Co. Ltd of Chaozhou
                Application of content  

                1 host oil cooler type; type YL-2X600-3; 6m, 1.6m; diameter;
                2 seal oil cooler oil station; LYQ-30D LYQ-35D horizontal length 2.5m, diameter 0.3 m; 

                Applied technology Column tube side physical cleaning, chemical cleaning oil side.
                 material property  

                The tube material and medium:
                (1) copper tube diameter phi 19*1 material Hsn70-1B nominal pressure 2.0Mpa, pressure of work;
                1.5Mpa, number 2.
                (2) copper tube diameter phi 14*1 material Hsn70-1B rated pressure; working pressure; 2.0Mpa, 1.5Mpa, number 4.
                Ke Cheng medium: oil, operating pressure of 2kg / cm2, temperature 100-250 ℃
                The scale and composition of lubricating oil, carbonate scale: oxidation

                 The repairing process  

                 1 eady to clean container, recommend the use of non metal container or stainless steel, aluminum containers, does not recommend the use of carbon steel or copper material container;
                2, the cooler into the container;
                3, add Shi Teck cleaning agent F2, F2 higher than the cooler;
                4, soaking, can use mechanical cleaning method for tube side, shell surface soaking process;
                5, start the pump to observe the collecting tank scale changes, using PH to test the pH of the reduced scope;
                6, after cleaning, if the cooler surface is still part of the remaining dirt, repeat steps 4-5 until the cooler, clean up.

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