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                Cleaning the oil tank oil gas station
                Browse the number:4814   Date:2013-06-28  

                In the acquisition of waste oil and chemical industry at the same time, tank cleaning unit of the company is a professional, specialized in tank mechanical cleaning services and anti-corrosion business, has a strong professional knowledge, tank cleaning team. Homework personnel to enter the tank, with the same oil cleaning or since the distribution agent construction, operation safety. Tank cleaning time is short, no pollution, the tank bottom sediment and waste all clear, obvious economic benefit. In recent years, cleaning technology and the level of service has always been in the forefront of the market, a good reputation to win in the market with first-class equipment, first-class technology and first-class service, also by China Petroleum, Sinopec two group companies trust. The development of more and more wide. So far, the cleaning company has introduced from abroad advanced level of tank cleaning equipment 3 sets, grasp the international clean technology engineering and technical personnel 5 people, professional cleaning technology dozens of workers, creating enormous economic benefits for the user.
                Cleaning service we can not only ensure the internal oil tank cleaning, fully meet the replacement of oil product standards, from the cost for customers to save a lot of money. In terms of safety, we do it all with no chink in one´s armour, explosion-proof equipment, anti-riot tools, protective equipment operating personnel must be equipped with professional, real-time monitoring of the whole process work to keep gas forced ventilation and tank on tank. Once successively for the oil, Sinopec gas station, oil depot to provide cleaning services, get the praise of customers. At the same time undertake oil drum cleaning business volume, pipeline cleaning and passivation pickling business.
                1, storage and preservation
                Whether on the underground oil storage tank, the traditional anti-corrosion technology has been far behind the level of the same period in foreign countries. The anti-corrosion technology advanced, more metal body tank and long-term protection, increase storage tank repair cycle, prolong the service life of storage tank, but also ensure the oil quality of pure and clean, this point is particularly important for the gasoline tank. Notable is, the developed countries have 100% oil tanks with anti-corrosion materials special anti-corrosion treatment tank wall, not only to protect the metal tank wall from corrosion, but due to no corrosion of metal products, ensure the oil quality, we sincerely provide anti-corrosion technology and service of various medium storage tank for you.
                2, professional tank detection
                Because of past tank manufacturing, installation and technical level is uneven, the tank has been found there are a lot of serious corrosion of the bottom of the tank wall, serious deformation, storage tank foundation subsidence phenomenon. And the lack of periodic comprehensive tank detection, for the safety status of active storage tank does not accurately grasp, the danger once, consequence inconceivable. The company and Sinopec Beijing authority nondestructive inspection institutions perennial cooperation, provide inspection work tank NDT for the vast number of users. According to the requirements of customers, by professional inspection and technical personnel on-site viewing tank, formulate the inspection plan, to each tank and implementation, provide authority to examine report to you. Allows you to accurately grasp the actual usage of each tank.
                3, high pressure water jet cleaning service
                High pressure water jet cleaning technology is the use of the pressure equipment pressurization system of water formed by the injection nozzle of high speed water jet with high impact and exploitation ability, can be scaling, metal oxide inside and outside wall and other attachments to remove, good cleaning quality, no pollution. Equipped with a special nozzle, the high pressure water jet of water production, much angle, beam intensity vary, the cleaning device scaling and attachment and the blockage of thoroughly cutting, crushing, extrusion, scour completely cleaning purpose. According to the nature and characteristics of the equipment wall scaling, with corresponding industrial cleaning agent, can make better effect of high pressure cleaning.
                Now with the improvement of the fuel system of supply and demand, and arouse the fuel market competition, industrial equipment tank problem need our attention. Scientific research, filling all the tank station after a period of use, due to changes in the heat and cold, the condensed water along the tank into the tank bottom, to speed up the fuel emulsification, tank wall corrosion, black sludge will gradually increase, affect the oil quality, not only the oil quality, but also affects the credibility of enterprises and economic benefit, still exist many bad risks of oil storage tank, causing unnecessary losses to the vehicle, so the storage tank must be regularly timed to do cleaning work.
                Companies adhere to the "integrity-based, service first" purpose, the spirit of "quality first, service best" standard, treat every customer and every piece of work. After we cleaned gas station, customers reflect the pure oil more, because the fuel engine fault oil caused by reduced, at the same time, gas station also greatly increase the economic efficiency, attract more new customers

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