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                Sinopec Quxi oil depot project
                Browse the number:4893   Date:2013-06-28  

                In July 27th, after a week of intense work, the Division I finally safe and timely completion of the song of the river oil depot project.
                Qu Xi oil 101-103, 106-107, 112-119 tanks run for many years, does not accord with the safety management requirements, the tank bottom deposition of large amounts of dirt, so our safe and effective cleaning and outward processing. And then received the engineering task, we organize the personnel, and science clearly arranged cleaning process. As the tank deposition of low quality, liquidity is poor, there is great difficulty pumping, but the God does not cooperate, bring great difficulty to construction. Division I by virtue of cleaning experience of many years, science adopts a positive and effective measures, finally safely eliminates this difficulty. The company´s slogan is [where there are difficulties, as to where to destroy it]
                Tension quickly finish the task on time and at the same time, is not only the experience of all the employees of our company´s experience, but also to thank the cooperation of various units.

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