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                Inflammable and explosive chemical raw material storage tank safety management
                Browse the number:4436   Date:2013-06-28  

                The tanker truck explosion at a chemical plant in Dongguan the day before yesterday. The fierce fire, with a pungent smell strong, but fortunately no casualties, according to understand these are chemical raw materials are flammable and explosive.
                So for the chemical material of the flammable and explosive, how to do well the safety management?
                First of all, enterprises and institutions must establish professional fire code
                Secondly, must do the lightning protection facilities
                In addition, the electrical equipment used in the tank, must comply with the national electric explosion-proof standards
                Finally, set the fire safety facilities, regular maintenance, calibration.
                For regular maintenance, one is of tank maintenance; two is the periodic inspection of the farm site maintenance, for example, explosion-proof distance whether standard etc..
                And regular maintenance of tank maintenance, can ensure the quality of raw materials.
                Kelin can do not only quality assurance, site safety control is experienced. A safe environment is the foundation of enterprise development.

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