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                Oil tank lightning protection measures and matters needing attention
                Browse the number:6424   Date:2013-11-01  

                Lightning easy cause oil tank area fire accident. Lightning discharge has a considerable impact, more than 300000 v voltage and electric current intensity exceeds 200000 ampere, serious damage. Lightning discharge of oil tanks, the voltage caused by the strong lightning current will pass into the ground of tank, has severely damaging heating, caused by lightning fires. Such as lightning protection work does not reach the designated position, lightning strike can cause huge losses. The correct lightning protection measures, to avoid accidents.
                Oil tank lightning protection measures and the matters needing attention:
                1, tank often use lightning lightning protection, the strong current through the earth, the thunder and lightning to itself, to charge the early release, avoid thunder into the oil tank area, so as to protect the tank. Best set lightning rod alone, also can be welded on the top of the tank or circle plate edge.
                2, sealing metal tank lightning protection: a tank wall thickness 4 mm, or available induction lightning grounding, grounding resistance is not greater than 30 ohms.
                3, floating roof tank body volatile oil, the oil and gas accumulation under the floating roof, the lightning stroke fire easily. External floating roof tank sealing between floating roof and wall, can cover floating with liquid level fluctuation, and the small tank of air gap cannot form explosive mixture, can be grounded. Between inner floating roof oil tank floating disc and roof space gather explosive mixture, lightning protection measures need to be. Floating roof oil tank no gap, lid and tank wall contact place only a small amount of oil and gas leak, general floating roof tank is not grounding rods only.
                4, lightning protection facilities, the overhead lines can not enter the tank area, avoid thunder waveguide into or producing a spark discharge.
                5, installation ShanQi or independent grounding facilities, installation is firm; Fewer downlead joint; Breakout card joint card; The best lap welding; Down lead to be short and straight to lightning protection by current, electromagnetic induction form a spark discharge phenomenon.
                6, storage tanks, no ShanQi need to check whether there is insulation roof accessories, metal connection.
                7, grounding resistance to keep minimum, in order to secure the lightning current into the earth, or limit the lightning high potential on the grounding device, avoid lightning tank, send back to other metal objects. Attention to limit step around the lightning grounding device, avoid to cause injuries.
                8, grounding type oil tank turns the soil in the 0.5 m or more, can be in the respiration valve for lightning protection. Reinforced concrete tank rods, available its reinforced ground down lead.
                9, don´t send oil operations in the thunderstorm weather, avoid tank inside and outside to form a large number of flammable and explosive mixture with lightning explosion caused a fire.
                10, regularly check the lightning protection facilities, to guarantee the lightning protection facilities in good condition. Prevent tank hub with thunder and lightning sparks, the external tank explosion fire spread to the interior.
                11, strengthening the staff fire safety awareness, avoid the oil tank fire accident.

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