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                Oil tank truck driving rain, how to achieve safe driving?
                Browse the number:3352   Date:2013-11-02  
                 At around 10 am on October 29, 207 national road jingmen Zhong Xiangshi spot bamboo village a double river town road tanker carrying 30 tons of dimethyl ether, occurred due to damage to the valve at the bottom of the tank truck tank leakage of dimethyl ether and dimethyl ether combustible mix with air to generate an explosive mixture, flame temperature or oxidant easy burning explosion. Jingmen and Zhong Xiang fire, transportation departments immediately to the scene to deal with the accident, the implementation of traffic control and evacuees.
                At the scene of the accident, the road on the east side tank trucks tanker bottom valve take white smoke, fire officers and soldiers used squirt and water cannon to dilute gas cooling from the valve leakage. 17 PM, shut off the leak valve side tumbling tank trucks. To 19, processing after the accident, traffic resumed.
                It is understood that the carrying dangerous cargo tank trucks of dimethyl ether from henan to jingmen. Accident happens, the car 2 climb out of a person, not injured.
                According to speculation, it is a rainy day when the incident, the road is downhill, the road is slippery, may result in oil tank truck rollover is the driver´s improper operation.
                Lam container cleaning engineering remind: the rainy weather, oil tank truck drivers travel must pay attention to safety, be careful.
                Oil tank truck driving rain, how to achieve safe driving?
                1, check carefully before driving oil tank truck tires. To prevent tank truck tire slippage and cause safety accidents, ensure the safety of the motion of the tanker.
                2, rain water road, the car has a layer of water between tires and the road, the road is slippery, reduce tire adhesion coefficient and friction with the ground. Then if the speed is fast, easy to skid and flings tail phenomenon. Other tire pattern deep, drainage ability is strong, tread with ground contact area is big, can have a better friction. So a rainy day to check the tank truck tire tread depth and tire pressure in a timely manner.
                3. Rainy days drive pay attention to control the speed, steady progress, pay attention to avoid pedestrians and vehicles. Check the braking effect, gently on the brake pedal to avoid nasty brake and turn tail accident cause sideslip.
                4. A rainy day when driving, the driver must concentrate. Eyes do not stare at a road surface water, to distract the line of sight. And pay attention to see the road to avoid car phenomenon, can open the warning light.
                5. Timely cleaning vehicle sundry, to avoid the damage parts or engine temperature is too high.
                6. Driving in the rain, the road slippery, the driver line of sight is not good, as far as possible when driving don´t overtake, keep distance.
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