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                How to effectively prevent the oxidation of ferrous sulfide ferrous sulfide tank?
                Browse the number:2924   Date:2013-11-04  
                 The increase of sulfur content in the sulfur corrosion of oil tank, cause combustion, explosion and other accidents, causing severe damage and harm. Under the condition of low temperature and water, because the tank wall rust react with hydrogen sulfide gas in the tank to produce pyrite compound, iron sulfide is the main cause of sulfur corrosion of oil tank, iron sulfide exothermic, when in contact with the air temperature is high, the spontaneous combustion. Ferrous sulfur oxidation is a major cause of tank caused by spontaneous combustion heat release, therefore, oil tank in sulfur-containing environment for a long time, to prevent tank, guarantee the safe operation of oil tank need to spontaneous combustion desulfurization or prevent the oxidation of ferrous sulfide.
                How to effectively prevent the oxidation of ferrous sulfide tank?
                A sulfur content, control of oil tank, oil desulfurization reduce accidents.
                1, use under the condition of hydrogenation desulfurization in the presence of hydrogen, the catalyst to remove oil of organic sulfide into hydrogen sulfide.
                2, oxidative desulfurization method: to remove sulfide in the form of organic sulfur in oil, reducing environmental pollution.
                3, biological desulfurization method: using aerobic and anaerobic bacteria take off the sulphur.
                Tank external floating roof tank should be adopted: because the external floating roof tank corrosion slight gas phase space, spontaneous probability is small.
                Three, using corrosion monitoring equipment: timely understand the spontaneous combustion and oil tank corrosion, and guarantee the safe operation of oil tank.
                Four, clean with cleaning method of ferrous sulfide. Adding to the solution of strong alkaline substances, higher PH value, effectively dissolving pyrite compound in alkali environment. Or use the REDOX of ferrous sulfide sulfur into other compounds to remove ferrous sulfide.
                Five, the oil tank corrosion protection: using sulfur coating to prevent corrosion.
                Six: aluminized has good corrosion resistance, can prevent the oil tank is sulfur corrosion.
                Seven, spray coils are installed in oil tank. Lower temperature, to prevent the oxidation of sulfide in the process of tank caused spontaneous combustion heat release.
                Eight, shorten the cycle of oil tank, check the corrosion of the anticorrosive coating.
                Nine, timely recovery tank anticorrosion coating fall off.
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