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                The reaction kettle cleaning and maintenance matters needing attention
                Browse the number:11265   Date:2013-11-05  

                Reaction kettle high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong production capacity, is a kind of physical or chemical reaction vessel. Widely used in medicine, dyestuff, oil, chemical, food and other industries. Implementation process of evaporation, heating, cooling walker function. Is used to complete the sulfide, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation reaction equipment process, etc.
                The reaction kettle cleaning little knowledge:
                1, the chemical cleaning method: to determine the composition of the equipment within the dirt to choose suitable cleaning agent. Clean thoroughly, remove dirt quickly. But may produce corrosion of equipment, this method is suitable for soft and thin in the dirt.
                2, the use of high pressure water through the nozzle to wash to remove dirt. Cleaning cycle is long, takes work, won′t cause equipment corrosion phenomenon, can effectively clean hard scale. Suitable for hard and thick dirt.
                The daily maintenance of the reaction kettle to note:
                More than 1 attention when installing the reaction kettle, explosion-proof, set of reactor equipment, need to separate, ensure good ventilation.
                2, choosing heat conduction oil must be corresponding models, and not contain moisture to join.
                3, installed after the reaction kettle, nitrogen pressure, ensure no leakage before start working, if discover have leak case, application of expanded tube, pipe leakage point search, find out after draining gas tight, nitrogen pressure.
                4, can′t adjust metal blasting. Metal blasting in blasting, need to change. Replacing metal blasting were attention blasting raised face to.
                5, after the reaction, cooling, through pipeline gas emissions within the kettle to the outdoor, make the reaction kettle inside pressure drops to atmospheric, attention can′t remove, and then unload the main bolt, nut loose, take the kettle cover bracket, unloading cover protect sealing surface.
                In June, cooling, cooling, water cooling, avoid is cold, in case the temperature difference is too big, cause the cooling coil and the kettle body crack. Work in process, the reaction kettle temperature above 100 ℃, water between the kettle lid cover, magnetic stirrer to cooling water, the water temperature is less than 35 ℃, prevent the magnetic steel demagnetization.
                7, when using the reaction kettle, need to close the refrigerant inlet pipe valves, is put in the pot and jacketed refrigerant, and then input materials, mixer, then open the steam valve and the electric power supply, to achieve the required temperature, close the steam valve and electric power, mixer, again, put the pot, and after the jacketed surplus condensate, warm water wash off material, more comprehensive cleaning with buck on the inner wall of the container. Empty pot, may not open the steam valve and electric power, steam pressure shall not exceed the quota of work pressure.
                Eight, after the completion of operation should be paid attention to erase kettle, using the cleaning fluid removal reaction kettle and sealing surface residue, need often clean clean, clean with rough surface of objects in ban.
                9, often pay attention to the reaction kettle and the whole device and reducer, lubricating oil supplements.
                10 and every half a year to replace electric heating medium oil at a time.
                11, regularly check the jacket and the cover part of the relief valve, distillation, electric heating rods, pressure gauge, electrical instrumentation, found defective repairs in a timely manner.
                12, the reaction kettle is not used often wash the pot body and to warm water clean container inside and outside wall, keep clean, to make it more durable.

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