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                Tanker overturned flattening BMW and dragged five or six meters
                Browse the number:2470   Date:2013-11-06  
                This month 1, 36 points, 21 PM in yongkang city, zhejiang province road and state south road intersection, a load of cement giant tank trucks, when they go to the road to avoid crossing the red BMW, on the steering wheel to the left, a cartwheel make hundred tons tank trucks. Cling to pin the BMW roof, killed inside a pair of mother and child. By BMW seat above part were collapsing. Shortly after the accident, 22 o ′clock, a lifting about 25 tons crane arrived at the scene of the accident. But because of the weight of the tank trucks, rescue is not smooth, cause sling pulled apart or cause drag mark. Rescue workers were again a crane lifting weight about 70 tons, with two hoist crane will tank trucks. Until early November 2 0 about 30 points, fire officers and soldiers are successfully removed BMW roof and the door will be two people inside the car carried out, the field of medical diagnosis, signs of mother and son two people already dead, the death of the child just elementary school second grade eight years old.
                According to nearby residents, the road traffic is good, the speed is faster. The intersection without traffic lights, many drivers don′t slow down even after crossing.
                Witnesses said Mr Hu, he was in the south of the city road, fast to the intersection, a tanker acceleration, from the left direction more than him. Estimated tank trucks in sixty yards. Suddenly in front of a small corner shot out a red BMW, BMW quickly. Tanker drivers to avoid two cars collided on the steering wheel to the left. Due to the effect of inertia of the huge rollover instead. Tanker body was pinned the red BMW CheXiangQian dragged the five or six meters. Because at that time, the sky is still under a light rain, semi-trailer, cars parked on the side of the road also several make the line of sight of the driver have also been affected.
                The police quickly control the tanker drivers. It is reported, tank trucks loaded with cement, nearly hundred tons of car. The cause of the accident is still under further investigation.
                Secco lam container cleaning engineering tip: rainy day is difficult, the road is slippery, drive the vehicle driver line of sight is affected, emergency, tank trucks must pay attention to safety. Focus, drive carefully, pay attention to observe road conditions to reduce the speed, keep driving distance, smooth, not overtake or overtake on the right.
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