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                The characteristics of chemical cleaning and physical cleaning
                Browse the number:4990   Date:2013-11-22  
                At present, the cleaning field has infiltrated from petrochemical, electric power, railway, water heating air to every industry. Cleaning method commonly divided into chemical and physical cleaning two.

                1, chemical cleaning

                Use of chemical agents or solution and dissolution of dirt, chemical reaction to remove dirt to objects called chemical cleaning, such as: organic or inorganic acid clearance object dirt. Chemical cleaning dirt thoroughly, with quick cleaning speed, scale removal rate high, short construction period, wide application, no requirements of the equipment and process. At the same time, chemical cleaning will produce waste, and pollution of the environment.

                2, physical cleaning

                The use of mechanical or hydraulic Applied Physics clear the dirt on the surface of an object, so as to achieve the cleaning effect is called physical cleaning and mechanical cleaning. Such as: high pressure water jet cleaning, PIG cleaning cleaning, pulse cleaning technology is widely used in industrial equipment.

                Physical cleaning technology has no corrosion, no pollution, easy operation, low cost characteristics. Physical cleaning only for container storage tank, heat transfer equipment, pipeline and the internal structure is relatively simple and small equipment cleaning. Due to the chemical cleaning without limitations on equipment and dirt, the chemical cleaning is widely used in the cleaning industry.

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