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                Hot work tank note
                Browse the number:8748   Date:2013-11-29  

                Hot work is for welding and cutting. Chemical enterprises hot work there is a certain degree of risk, easy to cause fire and explosion. Flammable and explosive substances determine the fire operation difficulty, safe ignition forchemical enterprises is very important.

                Hot work tank note

                1, for "safety operation certificate", not be automatic fire without approval.

                2, check the fire scene, the fire point away from the no fire zone. To ensure the safety of fire prevention, strictly abide by the safety hot workprocedures.

                3, workers must wear protective articles.

                Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods to safe areas to 4, before the hot work, clean up the scene.

                5, hot work before cleaning and replacement, the tank with oil can not fire.

                With steam or air blower, exhaust fan and other equipment replacementreplacement of combustible gas. Gas inspection, qualified, can fire, exceed the standard re replacement.

                To carry out the washing tank 6, before the hot work, clean the tank bottominternal fouling thoroughly with a broom, avoid volatile flammable gas.

                7, check the ignition tool meets the safety requirements, whether the device is damaged. The fire scene to fire extinguishing apparatus.

                8, to maintain ventilation.

                9, clean combustible, flammable and explosive gases into the hot workcontact point.

                10, do the on-site monitoring work, timely correction of non-standard operation, prevent sparks splashed into the. Such as the discovery of a combustible gas or other unsafe factors, immediately cease fire.

                11, outdoor hot, should stop hot wind is large.

                Check clearing field 12, after the fire, cut off power supply. No residualflame, can leave the site.

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