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                Youlian shipyard pipeline cleaning solution
                Browse the number:4835   Date:2013-12-03  

                Youlian shipyard pipeline cleaning solution

                As the industry project: pipeline cleaning about 100m

                As the industry Abstract: lines of biological

                As the industry standard: regular maintenance and cleaning

                One, the cleaning solution

                According to the requirement of cleaning and your site for your company our exploration, our technical department for cleaning measures combinedwith physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Physical cleaning -- chemical cleaning -- physical cleaning.

                Technological process.

                The physical cleaning by high pressure water cleaning: (water into fresh water), to wash the tube fouling organisms and mud layer

                The chemical cleaning: is similar to that of boiler chemical cleaning scale incrustation reaction rinse, purpose is to remove the rust or oxidation layertube.

                According to my company (Department of Lin Technology) Engineering Technology Department rationalization proposals, the construction will be based on the actual situation to determine the chemical processing!

                Specific operation method is as follows: the chemical and water by using aproportional mixing, high-pressure cleaning device by spraying into the pipe, and the waiting time of dissolved according to the actual situation,through the whole process of solution on the tube internal oxidation layerdecomposition, so that subsequent processing!

                The high pressure water washing: two high pressure, high pressure water jet on the pipe remaining after the reaction of residual material andcontamination of high pressure cleaning and flushing.

                Two, the demolition recovery part by your company responsible for (takedismantled, so automatic nozzle)

                Dismantled method:

                The demolition and blocking and pipeline equipment, instruments, meters,in order to protect the components.

                Dismantling: horizontal vertical tube in 20~30 unit dismantled and retain the position of 30~50cm, for cleaning, high pressure hose gimbaled nozzle is flexible and convenient operating space.

                The pipeline bends, valves, shock absorber connecting junction filterconnections are to be removed, and a six operating space 30~50cm.

                The both ends of the pipe body is cleaning placed collecting box (bag), in order to clean the sundries sinotrans.

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