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                The significance of boiler cleaning
                Browse the number:5986   Date:2013-12-06  

                A large amount of water in petrochemical enterprise daily consumption,there are a lot of bad boiler burning every year, mostly because of the scale of boiler are created and burned, scrap.

                A period of the boiler is used, because the water containing calcium sulfate and sediment, the amount of organic matter and other corrosive,calcium long-term deposition is attached on the surface of the boiler,reduce the boiler heat transfer ability and the production efficiency, wasteof energy, equipment corrosion and other hazards.

                So, must be regularly for boiler cleaning, keep clean inner wall of boilerwater side, not only can save a lot of coal, but also can prolong the service life of the boiler.

                Hazard of boiler scale:

                1, the scale thermal conductivity, cause the boiler output drop. A scaleboiler, to maintain a certain degree of work pressure and evaporation,must increase the boiler fire side temperature scale, more thick, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is worse, the boiler fire side temperature is higher. This will cause overheating and burning boilerdeformation, bad.

                2, when the scale boiler will affect the heat transfer, waste a lot of fuel.Thermal conductivity scale difference, making the water to reduce the heat, evaporation increased, coal, fuel waste, reduce the output,reducing the efficiency of the boiler.

                3, boiler fouling will reduce the evaporation capacity of the boiler.

                4, the scale will exist for a long time, cause boiler leakage, deformation,corrosion, easy to cause explosion. Will not only affect the safe operation of production and equipment, will cause economic loss, but also a threat to personal safety.

                Therefore, the boiler when scaling, it must be in accordance with theprovisions of regular cleaning.

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