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                Boiler equipment daily maintenance and matters needing attention
                Browse the number:4165   Date:2013-12-07  

                Boiler equipment daily maintenance and matters needing attention:

                1, check whether the safety valve, pressure gauge, discharge device to meet the requirements. Water supply system, ventilation system,combustion system, automatic control performance status of each system device system is good or not.

                2, check the water tank water level, water temperature and water treatment equipment conforms to the requirements of the state.

                3, regular cleaning of the electromagnetic valve, to avoid the poor exhaust;

                4, regular cleaning dust electrical box;

                5, to maintain the boiler room ventilation;

                6, boiler furnace can not positive pressure combustion, closing blowerpower for each boiler coaling, stir when running, don´t open the door, at the same time each operation stop blower, cannot turn off the fanswitch. Often remove the furnace slag, avoid excessive blocking fire tube entrance, affect the normal use of the boiler. Long time high, not toturn off the power supply, to avoid furnace high temperature expansion,leading to fill the tank steam flood.

                7, pay attention to prevent the boiler bottom ground water wet andcorrosion;

                8, damage of circulating pump or power outage, the water level of the water tank can not be too low.

                9, often clean the dust collector and economizer; timely maintenance,replacement of damaged attachment;

                10, often check the oil level, timely refueling, remove oil leakage;

                Economizer 11, in operation, do not use the drain valve, to avoid short circuit burned out equipment;

                Winter discontinuation of boiler furnace, drained water, avoid icing and frost crack, do a good job during shutdown maintenance work. To strengthen the maintenance of equipment, valves, pipe, pipe insulationto keep equipment readiness. Regular cleaning, maintenance, keep the equipment clean health, sensitive, normal use. Operation of the boiler in accordance with the regulations, and make regular inspection. Timelyboiler cleaning, to improve the heat transfer performance of the boiler,defects are found and accident inspection, timely elimination.

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