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                Heat exchanger has many types, you know, different types of heat exchanger (also called heat exchanger) principle?
                Browse the number:2687   Date:2013-12-09  

                Heat exchanger has many types, you know, different types of heat exchanger (also called heat exchanger) principle?

                Heat exchanger principle for 1, type:

                High heat transfer coefficient, which is composed of a transmission wavepattern plate for fluid flow in the flow passage, the fluid in the low endunder strong dynamic turbulence, heat transfer performance is obtainedhigh.

                Heat exchanger principle for 2, spiral plate:

                Used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, is a kind of high efficient heat exchanger equipment.

                3, the shell and tube heat exchanger principle:

                Many used in petroleum chemical industry, electric power, heating and other aviation enterprise, the shell and tube heat exchanger is a universal process equipment for heat exchange operation.

                Heat exchanger principle for 4, volume type:

                Volume type heat exchanger is a kind of not easy scaling, efficient energy-saving heat exchanger. Separated two fluid through solid wall surface heat exchange, heat transfer through the wall, achieve heat transfer.

                5, floating head heat exchanger principle:

                One end of the tube plate and the shell is fixed, the other free floating on the casing tube plate. Two medium temperature difference is large, will not have the stress of temperature difference between the tube bundleand shell, shell and tube heat exchanger is suitable for the largetemperature difference should be stress condition.

                6, the steel lined copper heat exchanger principle:

                Steel copper heat exchanger is the main equipment of hot air device, it was made of iron and copper strength and corrosion resistance, so that it can work under pressure.

                Principle of heat exchanger, heat pipe 7:

                The heat pipe is provided with the heat capacity is high, adjustable heat flux density, isothermal characteristics of good. The heat pipe heat exchanger&nb, sp;has high heat transfer efficiency, small fluid resistance, heat transfer, small temperature difference, the characteristics of long.

                8, the principle of shell and tube heat exchanger:

                Used in petroleum chemical industry, electric power and aviationenterprise. Strict process complexity, the shell and tube heat exchangeris convenient for cleaning, can be adapted to high temperature and high pressure.

                Tube type heat exchanger when cold, hot fluid boiling or condensation,just released or absorbed latent heat of vaporization, does not changethe fluid temperature. Fluid inlet and outlet temperature equal, fluidtemperature and the fluid flow to choose it doesn´t matter. The heat transfer process, reduce the recuperative heat exchanger heat resistance, is very important to improve the heat transfer coefficient.Tube type heat exchanger increases the velocity of the fluid and thedisturbance, can reduce the thickness of boundary layer, reducing the thermal resistance increase heat transfer coefficient.

                9, all welded plate heat exchanger principle:

                Applicable to the oil refining, chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy and otherenterprises, the welded plate type heat exchanger has the advantages of small volume, heat transfer. Corrugated board as heat transfercomponents, with static mixing function, form turbulence at very lownumbers can, can realize pure counter flow, heat recovery, energy efficient.

                10, the principle of aluminum porous surface heat transfer tube:

                The boiling heat transfer capability with higher surface heat transfer of porous aluminum tube, using metal hot spraying technology andcontaining aluminum powder of pore forming agent for porous aluminumcoating on the surface. In the heat transfer medium boiling, micro bubblearound the heating, the rapid expansion of continuous heating. Bubblejet with flushing strength larger and has local negative pressure, theliquid into the pores near constant boiling.

                Heat exchanger principle 11, spirally fluted tube:

                Spiral groove tube is a tube of high efficiency heat by common heat tubeis processed into a spiral channel, shell side medium from the inlet into the along the screw channel obliquely forward vertical helical baffles inshell, reducing resistance, heat transfer enhancement.

                12, the cyclone efficiency of shell and tube heat exchanger principle:

                Heat exchanger with helical twist oval cross-section tube heat exchanger,in the swirl of high-efficiency heat exchanger, shell side logistics supportactivities under the longitudinal component in the baffle plate, shellfabric smooth road cross section along the tube bundles in longitudinalperiodic change, make the shell logistics along the spiral twisted tube heat exchanger wall longitudinal activities at the same time, produce a strong logistics separation and mixing rotation and periodically as the main characteristics of the complex disturbance; twisted oval cross section for spiral ellipsoidal heat tube to tube logistics to longitudinalrotation and the two cyclone as the main characteristics of the strong disturbance. This structure allows the tube side and shell have logisticslogistics complex activities to rotate as the main characteristic, obtain the rotation in strong disturbance, thus greatly enhance the heat transferintensity. Long service life.

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