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                The oil tank cleaning (summaries)
                Browse the number:6418   Date:2013-12-16  

                How much do you know about oil tank cleaning? Today the authorsummarizes cleaning knowledge. We have said that the necessity of tank cleaning. Tank used for a long time, installed with different oil tank, oiltank fire new after loading, operation and so on, we want to clean it.

                Method of cleaning tank is divided into dry cleaning tank cleaningmethod, wet wash pot, steam tank cleaning method, chemical tank cleaning method and 3D automatic unmanned tank cleaning.

                1, open the tank manhole, check the oil, residual oil drain tank;

                2, the ventilation net tank of oil and gas, oil and gas concentrationdetection;

                3, operation personnel to enter the tank cleaning oil, water etc.;

                4, dry cleaning tank cleaning method: saw not after dry cleaning,cleaning wipe;

                Wet wash tank method: high pressure water washing tank dirt - pollutionclean - ventilated dry - cleaning;

                Steam tank cleaning method: steam tank cleaning, residual oil andsteam contact melting and high pressure water washing oil - pollution,sawdust - rust wipe dry cleaning;

                Chemical cleaning method: wash tank washing system - Pickling - acidliquid discharge, passivation treatment - pressure water washing andblowdown clean - air drying;

                Three dimensional automatic cleaning: cycle from traditional artificial into the tank, long, not safety, three-dimensional device can rotate 360 degrees to clean, no dead angle, high efficient and safe;

                5, check the cleaning quality.

                Cleaning standards:

                1, after cleaning, no rust, moisture, grease and dirt impurities;

                2, after cleaning, check the cleaning quality acceptance, and the acceptance report;

                3, qualified, immediately close the manholes, connecting pipelines, oil recovery of the initial state.

                4, clean up the site, and do a good job cleaning records.

                In recent years the tank accidents, operation tank undesirable is lead to major reason tank accident. The correct operation of tank safety can not be neglected. Tank cleaning belongs to dangerous work, oil vapor isflammable and explosive, toxic substances. When cleaning, must correct operation.

                Note oil tank cleaning:

                1, cleaning personnel must go through security training of qualified, can mount guard;

                2, cleaning staff must clearly understand the construction risk factorsmay exist;

                3, before the construction site, see understanding is equipped withwarning signs, fire facilities, and check the equipment is in good condition, whether to meet the explosion-proof requirements, there are no static grounding;

                4, the equipment should be far away from the tank, the inflammable and explosive materials are prohibited in appearance;

                5, tank cleaning personnel should be uniform wear anti-static clothing,shoes and hats, gloves and other access to the site, is strictly prohibited to wear chemical fiber cloth;

                6, the site must have special supervision;

                7, before the construction of vacuum tank material, we must prevent theresidual liquid on the ground;

                8, cleaning residual oil, shall not use the iron or steel tool easy to produce the spark tool;

                9, workers in the cleaning process, to strengthen ventilation, eliminating the harmful gas.

                10, the thunderstorm weather prohibited for cleaning.

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