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                Strong rainfall weather, gas station oil tank rainproof measures
                Browse the number:4844   Date:2013-12-17  

                In recent days, Guangdong area sustained strong rainfall weather,which also makes the safe operation of gas stations have been affected.

                Early in July this year, Suining Chuanshan a gas station oil tank area because of strong rainfall weather, the two tank submerged. Flood falls,the oil valve and flame retardant valve by the water thrust caused by oil tank leakage, may at any time and explosion due to collision or sparkcauses

                , to avoid oil tank explosion and oil pollution, rescue workers buried in the tank around, and cover with foam, inverted cans.

                The total content of total rainfall flood zone in October this year,Zhejiang Yuyao to the 68 West Lake. The gasoline tank refueling siteleakage, the leakage oil floating on the surface, area expands unceasingly, in critical condition.

                Gas station oil tank zone must do storm emergency work, ensure the safety of gas station:

                1, the rain to prevent the underground oil tank floating measures, timelydrainage. Closely observe the tank water level, once the water level rises, immediate drainage;

                2, gas station shall be installed lightning protection, lightning protection and grounding detection well, in case of lightning weather, closed gasmachine, cut off the power and stop loading and unloading oil, avoid theequipment damage caused by lightning;

                3, to check the equipment line all gas station, refueling, lighting circuit,preventing damp short-circuit line, avoid the canopy edge tankers get wet in the rain, when necessary, closed gas machine;

                The underground water level 4, observe the gas station and oil tankzone observation wells, to prevent too high water levels caused byfloating tank, . Clean dredge drainage gas station, to ensure smooth drainage, drainage facilities and equipment maintenance well;

                5, check the tank operation well, sealing the oil discharge opening and the measurement port is intact, prevent the rainwater from the oil discharge opening and the amount of oil inlet into the tank of oil quality.If damaged, the timely replacement of oil discharge port, dressing,metering, prevent oil

                Leakage, timely replacement or repair damaged manhole cover;

                6, built on the hillside on the edge of the gas station, the rainy season before the inspection and maintenance of the wall gas station;

                7, check the stability of underground storage tanks, tank body, pipelineif settlement deformation, timely reinforcement, prevent leakage;

                8, increase the oil inventory, reduce the probability of heavy oil tankfloating oil, pay close attention to stock tank, avoid groundwater levelcaused by excessive floating tank.

                9, the gas drainage work station in a timely manner of buried oil tank, oil tank zone drainage not serious water, rainwater deposition into the oil tank bottom, will cause the tank bottom corrosion and seepage irrigationirrigation bottom, affect the oil quality, while also float tank accident.Timely

                Dredge sewer blockage, drain the water, minimize the loss of gas station.

                10, the new gas station good tank anti floating, so that the strong rainfall weather can promptly eliminate oil irrigation water;

                The weather in persistent heavy rainfall, gas station staff to strengthen the oil tank inspection efforts, pay attention to soil water content in oil tank area, discover and solve problems. Do all the work for the storm,enhance the inspection of oil tank operation well, drainage ditch,observation wells and other key parts, at any time to master the water.Do the tank farm and refueling machine protection work, stop at the gas station Import & Export roadblocks, refueling, when necessary, cut off the power off the oil tank farm gate valve, safety operation to ensure that thegas station.

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