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                Kelin explanation: application of pipeline technology of high pressure water cleaning
                Browse the number:2896   Date:2013-12-18  

                In recent years, high pressure water jet cleaning technology because of its fast speed, high efficiency, wide range, no pollution, low cost, is widely used in all walks of life: the dirt for all kinds of pipe, heatexchanger, condenser, reaction kettle, boiler, container, heating system, the blockage can be efficiently clear.

                The inner wall of pipeline debris deposition, long time use of the existence of a large number of attachments, causing blockage. Especially in the industrial pipeline, in the transmission process in production of various kinds of substances, long-term use will produce scale, deposition of various oil debris in the pipeline wall, normal transport influences the operation of pipe, and also leads to environmental pollution. Regular cleaning of piping is necessary process to ensure production. In the human cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning and othercleaning methods, cleaning technology plays a major role in pipeline cleaning.

                High pressure cleaning principle: pipeline cleaning high pressure wateris ordinary water pressurized by the high pressure pump through the injection nozzle, the formation of high velocity flow. The huge energyremoving pollutants, the inner wall of pipeline or blockage. Pressure is used to remove the dirt stripping strength, high strength to clear thepipeline scaling sediment, dirt layer is hard, pressure must bigger; flow,time is long, the cleaning efficiency is high; the temperature can be melted easily remove dirt; spray angle and spray volume is essential toimprove the cleaning efficiency.

                Industrial pipe lines long, thick hard dirt, cleaning is difficult. Industrial pipeline is formed by high pressure water jet nozzle rotating equipmentfront-end crush disbonding of pipeline wall fouling, fouling by high-pressure water flow nozzle behind the exhaust pipe, reaction forceforward high pressure hose and sprinkler nozzle. Head to the other end of the pipeline, the appropriate decompression. High pressure hose inhose reels under the action of tension has been moved, further cleaningpipe wall, bring out the residual impurities on the outside of the tube,thoroughly clean the fouling in the tube, achieve the purpose of cleaning.At the same time of high pressure water jet technology in industrial pipeline to pump and nozzle have special requirements. Industrialpipeline cleaning by high pressure water jet is pushed forward,especially rotating nozzle. Different pipe diameters have different nozzle.

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