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                The necessity of cleaning the air conditioning evaporator and process
                Browse the number:2630   Date:2013-12-25  

                The evaporator (heat exchanger) in the air conditioning running, can take away the indoor heat into the air. The evaporator in the long run the process easy to scale and the growth of millions of bacteria, the formation of sticky mud, dirt. A lot of dust into the air conditioning, attached to the evaporator. Not only influence the effect of heat transfer, also seriously affect the normal operation of air conditioner. The air inside the harbor Germs: such as fungi, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus and other harmful to human respiratory system, nervous system, immune system, causing various diseases (i.e. air conditioning disease) and damage the skin, also poses a threat to human health seriously, therefore need to clean the air conditioning evaporator regularly.

                Air conditioning evaporator cleaning process

                1, in the evaporator after stopping operation, close the valve for water;

                2, open the drain valve, discharge water;

                3, the discharge of water, remove the drain valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, a connecting hose and circulating pump circulating cleaning;

                4, the inner wall of the evaporator and the detection tube fouling conditions;

                5, to the cleaning groove adding corrosion inhibitor, dirt remover, after washing, discharge the residual liquid, adding proper amount of water. Injection of passivation, passivation and oxidation, avoid metal wall. The use of cleaning agents, the inlet surface sprayed to the evaporator, such as severe fouling too much, wipe with a damp cloth, a small amount of water washing. After cleaning dry air conditioning evaporator;

                6, after acceptance, open the valve, to restore the system intact, and then open the pump pressure test.

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