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                To ensure the normal operation of heat conduction oil furnace
                Browse the number:2629   Date:2013-12-27  

                How to ensure the normal operation of heat conduction oil furnace? How to correct operation of heat conduction oil furnace? Daily work need to pay attention to what the problem?

                We all know that the heat conducting oil because of its uniform heating, the advantages of safety and energy saving, so it is widely used in various industrial fields. But the heat-conducting oil furnace also has certain risk, if the leakage of heat conduction oil if the heating system, its high temperature, contact with the flame after burning will cause a fire. Heat conducting oil with water will cause the heat-conducting oil furnace explosion.

                Heat conduction oil furnace routine matters needing attention:

                1, the heat-conducting oil furnace can meet the quality requirements, the equipment is reliable;

                2, the daily check fire-fighting equipment is in good condition;

                3, pay close attention to the heat-conducting oil furnace equipment around there is no leakage;

                4, the right to the use of heat conducting oil, high temperature should not exceed 300, guarantee the heat conducting oil heating in the normal flow heat exchanger. In addition to regular inspection and timely replacement of heat conducting oil, the heat conducting oil heat stability, antioxidation, anti coking, for heat conducting oil to clean the oil boiler. In addition to regular cleaning filters.

                5, check the heat-conducting oil furnace is clean (such as coking carbon), the timely implementation of the heat-conducting oil furnace cleaning, to ensure the heat efficiency, improve the heat transfer effect. At the same time the selection of high quality coal, the timely heat transfer in heat conducting oil;

                6, start emissions equipment, such as the moisture in the air. Avoid shutdown of pump, the heat conduction oil overheating coking and carbon deposition.

                7, to avoid the equipment overload operation and over temperature, ensure the service life of heat conduction oil;

                Should carefully check 8, when in use, to prevent water and acid-base substances into the system;

                L 9, fire inspection equipment and accessories are in accordance with the provisions, do all the preparatory work;

                10, because the medium heat conducting oil furnace belongs to high temperature, strong permeability of combustibles. Must wear protective equipment, operation correct operation, Caution;

                11, pay attention to reduce the temperature of furnace shutdown, stop the burning, the temperature drops below 70 ℃, stop the hot oil circulation pump operation, turn off the power supply; such as emergency shutdown, shut down immediately stopped combusting, ventilation and cooling furnace, prevent heat conducting oil overheating.

                The daily work of the correct operation of the heat-conducting oil furnace, strictly abide by the provisions, to ensure the normal operation of heat conduction oil furnace.

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