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                On the plate heat exchanger cleaning small knowledge
                Browse the number:3317   Date:2013-12-28  

                Plate heat exchanger due to its high efficiency and energy saving, high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small volume, low cost,safety, flexible and reliable, easy to remove fouling and other characteristics, are widely used for heating enterprises. But because of the circulation aperture is small, the heat exchanger after running for a period of time, appear scaling clogging, reduce the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchanger, which not only can not continue normalproduction, energy consumption, increasing the cost and affect thesafety of equipment. Cleaning of plate heat exchanger is the key to ensure the normal operation of the.

                Plate heat exchanger fouling reason is what? After scaling what effect is there?

                The use of plate heat exchanger, and the water quality is not qualified,not up to the requirements. Contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, sulfateand carbonate ions into the scale, thermal decomposition after deposition on a fin heat exchanger, the formation of scale. The scale is hard, poor heat conductivity, increase flow resistance, was greatly reduced in the heat exchange efficiency of heat exchanger at the same time, energy consumption, heating costs. Sediment and all kinds of microorganisms in the water into the circulating water system, generate sticky dirt, attachedon the heat exchanger; dissolved oxygen and salt and water will corrode the equipment, shorten the service life, seriously affecting the normaloperation of equipment, increased maintenance costs, The loss outweighs the gain.

                Plate heat exchanger after cleaning, can prevent the equipment corrosiondamage, so that the normal operation of plate heat exchanger heat exchanger.

                The scale plate heat exchanger and hard, chemical cleaning can effectively remove the scale plate heat exchanger. Plate heat exchangercleaning process:

                1, pickle and calcium, magnesium, carbonate and so prone to reaction,can dissolve scale oxide, so attached to the equipment of the scalestripping. Open washing heat exchanger, clean the dirt and other impurities, pickling, pay attention to control of pickling temperature, not too high and corrosion of heat exchanger;

                2, the cleaning fluid into the cleaning equipment, and then injected into the heat exchanger;

                3, the static soak 2 hours of heat exchanger, and then a dynamic cycle 3to 4 hours, at the same time every half hour a reciprocal cleaning. Afterpickling, pickling solution pH value greater than can be reused ordischarged, 2, acid wash;

                After the end of 4, acid, alkali washing and heat exchanger, no corrosion of heat exchanger. Then water for washing, cleaning the heat exchanger;

                5, after washing, check the cleaning effect, and the water pressure test.

                How to prevent heat exchanger fouling problems?

                1, the water quality along to meet the requirements, as far as possible not to use untreated water. The water quality of qualified, the softenedwater input system;

                2, keep the pipeline cleaning, avoid heat exchanger is blocked. In addition to regular cleaning filters and cleaner.

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