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                A high-pressure reaction kettle cleaning things and operational considerations
                Browse the number:6073   Date:2013-12-29  
                 The autoclave is currently chemical reaction of the ideal temperature and pressure reaction apparatus , without leakage and contamination , especially for toxic medium, and with such an explosive reaction .
                    After using an autoclave to be cleaned in order to avoid some of the residue corrosion of equipment . Reactor fouling will be affected?

                    1 , unwashed reactor heat transfer function is low, the increase in reaction time. Dirt attached on the inner wall of the heat exchanger function decline significantly extend the response time , while also reducing the quality of the goods ;

                    2 , the gap between the reactor and fouling of the inner and outer , liquid concentrates constitute battery effect , the dirt attached to the surface corrosion , increased corrosion of the autoclave apparatus , affect the service life of the device itself ;

                    3 , the thermometer Dirt postpone determination of temperature, reaction control system ;

                    4 , the reactor mechanical seal attached at the dirt , will produce the kettle leaked liquid , gas discharge and other dangerous phenomena ;

                    5 , kettle bearing attached dirt reverse parts of the mechanical seal damage .

                    Autoclave cleaning precautions

                    1 , was added through the discharge valve into the pressure reactor the reaction solvent , the residue was washed majority , after mixing with water injection , the inner wall of the cleaning tank cover open ;

                    2 , cleaning autoclave , you must wash tank cover , sampling valves , as there is water in the kettle slightly recharged with nitrogen ;

                    3, note that when the first analysis to understand the chemical cleaning dirt -like component inside the autoclave to determine the choice of detergent ingredients dirt test to determine corrosion equipment before cleaning.

                    4, the cleaning time of the autoclave can not be added to water or other liquid in the furnace , to avoid burnout furnace wire ;

                    The autoclave operating matters

                    1, the long-term without an autoclave , autoclave cleaning wipe may not have water, and kept free from corrosion, clean and dry place. Temporarily not be added 70% ethanol to soak a clean reactor ;

                    2 , before using an autoclave , the autoclave was purged with nitrogen tight to the reaction maximum pressure leak testing , water immersion , stirring the kettle of water to release the air gap , to observe whether the continuous release of bubbles , tighten again if the leak until it does not leak .

                    3 , the laboratory reactor will blow up when installing vent connection to the outdoors , the use of needle valves, do not destroy the sealing valve clockwise twist sealed light valve needle ;

                    4 , always check check gauges ; regular testing instruments and blasting relief devices to ensure that sensitive and reliable ;

                    5 , when the reaction was carried out for violent reaction or high-pressure high-temperature reaction of CFCs and other corrosive ions must use specially customized autoclave . At the end of the reaction , not with pressure demolition ;
                    6 , pretend not to exceed autoclave laboratory autoclave body reaction medium 2 /3 of the liquid ;

                    7 , if the accident is running, stopping to put pressure checked exceptions ;

                    8 , regularly check the amount of mixing shaft swing , if the problem promptly replaced ;

                    9 , can not be implemented in the power transmission wiring , electrical safety ;

                    10 , the working environment equipment shall meet the requirements of the control device and try to avoid grounding oil and other flammable products ; run , you can not move or touch the plug when pulling power ;

                    11 , after determining the reaction temperature , the heating process can not change the temperature setting to avoid overshoot too ; while not to adjust the speed ;

                    12 , the operation time is displayed in divided attention to the work units of time; each pass off the internal accumulation of data will disappear ;

                    13 , after the end of each work twisting the knob to the minimum position, back to the initial state , to prevent too much damage to the power current overshoot control instrument .

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