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                Everyday life, how to ensure the normal operation of the cooler?
                Browse the number:4285   Date:2013-12-30  
                Oil cooler heat exchanger tube, heat exchanger surfaces, light weight, small size, fast heat is commonly used in the power system of an oil cooling equipment, high temperature lubricant and allows the water to achieve the two cryogenic cooling fluid heat exchange, to reduce the oil temperature to ensure the turbines, electrical equipment has to work to run the main for low viscosity and relatively clean oil cooling, oil cooling equipment, transformer oil cooling and gear oil cooling system, turbine oil system, coal grinding Oil cooling system and so on. While being used in chemical, heavy industry, machinery, metallurgy, mining, plastics, electrical installations and other sectors.

                Oil cooler for cooling the main host lubricants, turbine and generator running process, keeping the bearing temperature within normal range:

                1, the surface is not rolling finned heat transfer tubes, pipes outside film heat transfer coefficient, with anti-pollution characteristics;

                2, cooling fin-shaped heat sink, small, large heat transfer area, heat transfer enhancement;

                3, the helical baffles into a uniform flow of the cooling liquid;

                4, good structural performance oil cooler, stable sealing performance, high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small footprint.

                Everyday life, how to ensure the normal operation of the cooler?

                1, the use of oil cooler, exhaust vent valve open, see the water turned off to avoid cooling effect by air resistance affected;

                2, the first stop when the outage swept the cooling water line, open the vent valve to prevent damage to the equipment hold pressure;

                3, when the oil temperature regulation cold water inlet valve to control the oil cooler will cause a short circuit currents, the impact of heat transfer effects. Cooling water outlet valve can be controlled;

                4, before the oil cooler maintenance or use of a new oil cooler, oil side put first open the throttle, confirm whether the water of impurities;

                5, pay attention to see oil cooler device switching valve handle position, make sure the oil cooler operation;

                6, improved oil cooler heat transfer efficiency, eliminate plugging and fouling bundle brings heat loss, regular cleaning cleaning oil cooler, the heat transfer performance;

                7, to keep the oil temperature within a certain range;

                8, found the leak, stop the operation and timely maintenance and avoid wounding load operating loss of oil cooler, oil cooler for overhaul after charged oil to spare, when the oil-filled slowly operate; confirm oil filled to normal after the operation.
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