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                How to boiler cleaning Descaling?Notice what?
                Browse the number:24872   Date:2013-12-31  
                 After long-term operation of boiler, corrosion scale phenomenon occurs, reducing the heat transfer performance, boiler efficiency is reduced, and less than the rated evaporation stopped, while overheating of the metal heat transfer deteriorates, the fuel consumption and shorten the life of the boiler. Under the action of pressure boiler tubes occur drum kits, or even explode. Therefore, the boiler fouling, timely cleaning cleaning the boiler system to normal operation.

                Boiler cleaning cleaning process:

                Boiler cleaning chemical cleaning agent is added, the purge effluent scale recovery surface.

                1 Before cleaning Gather items used, after installation of the system, the test pressure;

                2, isolate or remove irrelevant equipment, independent of the system will disconnect the connection cleaning pump, cleaning tank and the boiler in a closed loop;

                3, enclosed rear flue outlet and boiler furnace, boiler cleaning fluid to maintain the temperature,

                5, the cleaning steps: (1) water, then acid descaling, note that adding inhibitors to prevent corrosion pickling equipment, so while cleaning the equipment during pickling, acid corrosion is not destroyed;

                (2) water rinse, after chemical cleaning is completed, adding pre-film passivation passivation rinse, avoid boiler surface to be cleaned after secondary rust, scale and ability to reduce the boiler from corrosion, improve boiler corrosion . Rinse attention to controlling the total iron concentration, whether it is detected after the completion of the requirements. After rinsing liquid discharge passivation.

                6, high-pressure water jet cleaning is water pressure generated by a strong high-pressure pump high-pressure water jet combat force, thoroughly rinse equipment dirt. For rust, some chemical residues such as fouling deposits, are available high-pressure water jet cleaning thoroughly clean, safe and environmentally friendly, low-cost, non-corrosive, non-polluting.

                Cleaning Precautions:

                1, the cleaning process in the boiler, a circulation line installation, with a cleaning cycle the pump pot bucket header, drum and rising pipe, down pipes, tubes and other parts of fireworks, uniform concentration of the cleaning solution, the insoluble matter in the cleaning of boiler After discharge, avoiding the accumulation of dirt off squib, improve the cleaning effect;

                2, to ensure that no debris cleaning pipes in the system;

                3, pay attention not only to detect wash after wash is up to standard, but also to measure the corrosion rate;

                4, after cleaning the boiler chemical waste generated can not be discharged without treatment, in order to avoid environmental pollution;

                5, when the boiler pickling, acid can not give direct heating boiler, furnace tube to prevent corrosion and leakage;

                6, chemical cleaning, pay attention closely, do testing, in order to avoid over-washing or cleaning equipment corrosion is not complete.

                Chemical cleaning boiler must be properly regulate the operation, to avoid accidents, ensure the normal and safe operation of the boiler, tank cleaning Shenzhen Branch Lin Engineering Co., Ltd. based on many years of experience in management and cleaning boilers, boiler understand some cleaning company in the chemical cleaning The abnormal phenomena, to remind you when selecting cleaning company, we must find a regular highly qualified companies.
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