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                Oil furnace oil furnace cleaning agents used in the cleaning of
                Browse the number:2879   Date:2014-01-02  
                 Oil furnace cleaning agent is widely used for cleaning to remove oil furnace or hot oil for heat exchanger medium grease, coke, oil coke, oil sludge cleaning agents, additives and a variety of organic surfactant complex made with strong penetration, dispersion, emulsification, penetration / stripping and degreasing detergent dissolving effect can be quickly and thoroughly remove grease and carbon residue discharge. Simple operation, safe and efficient, reliable, non-corrosive, can be directly discharged after use.
                Oil furnace oil furnace cleaning agent in cleaning applications:

                HTF in HTF furnace is too long to use or improper operation, oil aging failure, etc., there will be a lot of coke, coke and other dirt series of conditions, reducing the heat transfer efficiency, fuel consumption, waste of energy, the impact of the system normal use, reduce traffic, reach the heating temperature, seriously affecting the production. Oil furnace cleaning cleaning business is a major problem.

                Oil furnace cleaning agent role:

                1, oil furnace cleaning agent strong penetration, dissolution, can damage the grease, carbon structure, the deposition of dirt peel, quickly and thoroughly conducting oil furnace temperature oxidation effectively remove grease, oil coke and high-temperature coke;

                2, low cost, simple operation, safe and environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, will not harm equipment cleaning, after cleaning can be directly discharged;
                3, to avoid HTF aging failure to extend the HTF life. Improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption, save operating costs;

                4, can extend equipment life and avoid the furnace, plumbing local overheating;

                Oil furnace cleaning agent used:

                Thermal discharge within the system, the oil furnace cleaning agent directly into the system for circulation cleaning, discharge cleaning. Note discharge waste time, to avoid clogging pipes coke.
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