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                How to solve the problem of oil pipeline leak?
                Browse the number:5316   Date:2014-01-03  
                 Pipeline transportation of oil and gas plays a role , the primary goal of the safe operation of petrochemical enterprise pipeline . November 22 , Sinopec Qingdao pipeline leak caught fire and exploded , leaking pipelines permanently disabled. Accidents caused people were killed , hundreds injured and prevent pipeline accidents , develop contingency plans to ensure the safety of the pipeline has become a major topic.
                How to solve the problem of oil pipeline leak ?

                Leak pipeline operation is the most common fault . After the pipeline oil spill will cause the proliferation of environmental pollution , not only will companies suffered huge economic losses , but also hides some great security risk , causing fire and explosion. Pipeline oil is transported or other causes corrosion perforation , external damage , etc. are the cause of pipeline leaks , regular monitoring of pipelines, leak detection work to do to ensure the normal use of the pipeline .

                First, the pipeline leak detection methods:

                1 , the use of detection devices to detect leaks media , real-time monitoring of the pipeline operating conditions , high accuracy , can pinpoint the location of pipeline leaks ;

                2 , testing pipeline pressure, flow , etc. , the use of parameter detection pipeline running speculate leaks happen.

                Second, the prevention of pipeline leak:

                1 , regular maintenance pipeline and do routine testing. Regular inspection of key areas , to discover hidden , solve all the factors that can harm the pipeline ;

                2 , pre- cast oil pipeline transport , proper safety precautions ;

                3 , when the transportation of crude oil , in accordance with the operation, compliance with the operating procedures, can not be changed ;

                4 , good fire prevention measures when loading and unloading of crude oil ;

                5 , before performing hot work , replacement, steam purge before flare up after the test concentration of combustible gases pass ;

                6 , when the pipeline is running the oil spill , timely plugging ;

                7 , when the oil , test instrumentation work conscientiously ;

                8 , sensitive and reliable means to maintain the station ;

                9 When the emergency stop operation of the pipeline , according to the provisions operate .

                In addition, the pipeline shall be designed to meet the requirements, installation of pipe irregularities , may cause undesirable pipeline design pipeline leaks. Human action is the most common cause of pipeline leaks , the main reason , serious and responsible personnel management in place , is the key to a fundamental solution to the pipeline leak .

                Third, the oil pipeline spill contingency plan :

                1 , when the spill occurred , promptly identify the leakage point , immediately report to their superiors , the report includes a pipeline leak situation , as well as the impact ;

                2 , stop oil , stop the pump, close the valve ;

                3 , develop contingency plans , emergency preparedness ;

                4, the evacuation site unrelated persons , and gas concentration detection limit of fire and good isolation alert ;

                5 , the collection staff to do repair work , and collect leaking oil ; plugging the leak site , limiting the amount of oil leakage to reduce losses , recycling waste oil ;

                6, the repair personnel do personal protection work , in order to avoid poisoning.
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