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                How to achieve efficient cleaning pipes? Achieve the best pipe cleaning effect?
                Browse the number:3231   Date:2014-01-07  
                 Pipeline long-running production of substances affected by transport, some of the debris will be deposited in the inner wall of the pipe, to produce coke, scale and other large attachments, could easily lead to congestion, so that the device can not continue to operate normally, causing accidents. Regular cleaning pipeline is a key issue to ensure production. Currently, pipeline cleaning methods are manual cleaning, mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning. Which is a high-pressure water jet cleaning water as the medium, through the high-pressure water jet pump pressure to produce high-speed, so that the dirt is washed stripped. As the cleaning speed, high efficiency, wide range, pollution, etc. become the main technology pipeline cleaning.
                So, how to achieve efficient cleaning pipes? Achieve the best pipe cleaning effect? Pressure, flow, target distance, traverse speed, water jet impact angle, an important factor in the efficiency of water jet cleaning are affected.

                1, the use of multi-nozzle rotating nozzle operations. When cleaning pipes, wall cleaning is the key part. Diffusion of water jet cleaning generally unable to pipe wall, cleaning effect is not obvious, you can not achieve effective cleaning. Joint operations with multiple nozzles. To improve the cleaning effect can also be rotating nozzle. Small diameter pipe is generally used two-dimensional self-rotating nozzle. When cleaning with high-pressure hose nozzle connected to the sewage thrust, radial holes after the nozzle orifice jet produced by washing, spin the wheel body orifice clear blocked.

                2, to improve water jet pressure. Pressure water jet strength and the ability to fight on behalf of, the destruction and removal of intensity with dirt, grime harder the pressure for the larger, high-pressure pipe scaling to meet almost all the required clear wax scale destructive requirements.

                Improve the flow of the jet, water jet flow refers to the frequency of flushing capability and combat elements, the higher the greater the flow cleaning efficiency. When the pressure is sufficient, if you want to improve the cleaning speed, it is necessary to increase the jet traffic. Pipe cleaning different conditions, pressure and flow are also different.

                3, the cleaning, the best target determines the jet from the jet combat force. In order to achieve maximum impact force, the best cleaning point coincides with the optimal target distance. Effective cleaning section of memory in an optimal cleaning point. Extend the range of the jet cleaning, to increase the effective length of the cleaning, washing efficiency.

                4, the angle of impingement of the water jet type, the cleaning effect is different. It also related to the moving direction of the jet. To the forward direction of the jet impact angle, after cleaning with water is stripped destruction dirt, fouling surface erosion, water flow in the pipe wall cracks rebound accelerate growth, enhance the cleaning effect, improve the cleaning efficiency. Cleaning hard thin layer of dirt, impact angle is generally between 60 ° -70 °, while the soft dirt and grease, usually around 17 °.

                Further, the cleaning nozzle feed rate is too fast, can not give full play to the role of water erosion wedge release is difficult to achieve good cleaning results; slow feed nozzle cleaning efficiency is not high. Diffusion angle diffusion, the more dispersed jet cleaning range increases, while striking force will cause the decline, the cleaning efficiency is not high. Meanwhile, the water jet reasonable choice sectional shape. Select a single nozzle ring section shape; multi-nozzle, choose a flat-shaped cross section.

                When using a pressure washer to clean, to draw collect dirt. In addition to the pipeline tightness testing conducted after cleaning, to ensure the quality of cleaning.
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