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                Gas station tank demolition construction jobs program
                Browse the number:25462   Date:2014-01-14  
                 Tank reaches a certain age must be replaced, subject to clean the tank when removing the tank.

                Construction preparation - tank drain raking - gas detection inside the tank - tank removal - recovery site.

                First, the construction preparation

                1, construction workers must go through relevant technical training, to understand overview of the construction work, familiar with operating procedures;

                2, before the construction of the tank to check whether the construction site conditions;

                3, the construction area to be isolated and set up security alerts, supervised the construction site located;

                4, to ensure normal operations at the scene of electricity, such as electrical wiring insulation is good, the electrical equipment is grounded and reliable;

                5, the job before the testing equipment is qualified, meets the requirements of fire and explosion;

                6, open flame is prohibited construction site, construction workers must wear uniforms labor supplies.

                Second, tank cleaning solutions,

                1, the construction of oil and gas concentration detected before the tank for cleaning. Turn off the oil tank inlet valve, remove the remaining oil tank, oil tank level drops and the export pipeline flush, close the outlet valve. Disconnect all tank piping, steel blind isolation;

                2, located at the bottom of the hole cleaning oil storage tank and install sewage tank connected to it. Open hole to allow cleaning of waste oil into the reservoir sump;

                3, construction workers before entering the tank, the tank with the detector detects the concentration of toxic gases and flammable gases. Safety requirements are met before into the tank construction, tank construction workers need to wear into the gas mask, turns into the tank clean-up operations;

                4, after cleaning up the oil tank sludge in the tank bottom sanded. Prevent the removal of the tank during the evaporation tank base oils penetrate generate combustible gases. Tank cleaning up after cis no debris, no oil;

                5, after cleaning the tank ventilation, use of combustible gas detector detection of toxic and harmful gases, combustible gas concentration of crude oil tank. After checking compliance before the next step flare demolition work.

                Third, oil tank removal:
                1, before construction machinery to coordinate the removal of artificial ground buildings and then split the tank. Must first be removed before the tank is filled with water, to prevent the occurrence of residual gas tank exploded in the removal of the combustion process, and dangerous. Slab artificial removal of the top surface, then remove the tank beneath the feet;
                2, after the removal of the tank all the parts, discharge water inside the tank;

                3, with a crane transport tanks;
                4, and clean up the site.


                1, during the operation, if found unsafe should immediately stop operation, before construction exclusion;

                2, before hot work is required to apply the provisions of the hot work ticket. When the spark operations in key areas, good isolation work;

                3, when you open the tank manhole covers or disassemble the device to prevent collision leads to sparks, oil and gas explosion;

                4, into the tank clean-up personnel must master into the tank operating time.

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