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                Cause corrosion of the heat exchanger leaks have?
                Browse the number:3124   Date:2014-03-06  
                    Cause corrosion of the heat exchanger leaks have? We know that the heat exchanger ( heat exchanger ) is a chemical used in the production of heat transfer equipment , heat exchanger leak once the phenomenon of production can not not say , but also bring some scary security risks.
                    Next, we take a look at what causes the heat exchanger ( heat exchanger ) corrosion :

                    1, the heat exchanger water as the medium , harmful impurities contained in the cooling water , ions, salts, microorganisms, dissolved oxygen will cause the heat exchanger tube plate and weld corrosion.

                   PH (1) in water , the lower the PH, the greater the corrosion caused ;

                   ( 2 ) the intensity of high velocity fluid erosion, or prolonged heat will cause erosion corrosion ;

                   ( 3 ) circulating water contains microorganisms dirt ( such as fungi , bacteria iron , etc.) , do not dissolve in water to produce an oxide precipitate corrosion of equipment ;

                   ( 4 ) circulating water soluble salts ( such as sulfates , carbonates, silicates, etc. ) when the concentration increases , the number of heat exchanger surfaces salts decompose precipitation fouling . The higher the concentration , the more corrosive ;

                   ( 5 ) high temperature corrosion of the heat exchanger will increase ;
                   ( 6 ) sediment sediment contained in the water , etc. , in the heat exchanger surface dirt, the heat exchanger will cause corrosion and leakage ;

                    2, the tube plate and tube heat exchanger corrosion of welds row between ;
                    3 , the surface of the heat exchanger tube sheet generated dirt , being exposed to chemical corrosion medium ;

                    These reasons will lead to corrosion of the heat exchanger leak , threatening the normal operation of the heat exchanger (heat exchanger ) devices.

                【Next】Heat exchanger (heat exchanger) corrosion routine maintenance work
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