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                Heat exchanger (heat exchanger) corrosion routine maintenance work
                Browse the number:3023   Date:2014-03-07  

                Heat exchanger ( heat exchanger ) are commonly used in the petrochemical industry, has a certain importance. Normal safe operation of the heat exchanger directly affect the company´s production . Therefore, we must do daily heat exchanger maintenance work .
                    How to solve the problem of corrosion of the heat exchanger ? According to the corrosion factor of the heat exchanger , take a relatively reliable anti -corrosion measures .

                    1 , in the purchase of heat transfer equipment, heat exchangers need to consider whether the material reliable, compressive strength, resistance to corrosion ;

                    2 , the heat exchanger device designed to prevent direct fluid tube erosion , scour bundles to be installed on board ;

                    3 , for the implementation of the heat exchanger corrosion protection , corrosion resistance and anti- permeability, thermal conductivity, ability to scale better anti-corrosion coating , play a protective role .

                    4 , because the loop contains too much water of impurities , sediment , and we have to deal with water quality ; make clear the scale, slime , bacteria and other dirt cycle greatly extended.

                    5 , the welding seam as well so to avoid precipitation caused by corrosion and liquid residues ;

                    6 , to avoid damage to the heat exchanger installed equipment ; After installing a heat exchanger cleaning process is completed in a timely manner ;
                    7, in the device during operation, the production process to ensure strict compliance . When feeding, ensure that the materials used are correct ;
                    8 , disable heat exchanger device, check the device to do maintenance work , such as the presence or absence of heat exchanger equipment fouling , clogging and corrosion ; regular inspections to clean up and protect the equipment surface from corrosion.

                    9 , according to the clogging of the heat exchanger fouling , cleaning heat treatment ;

                    9 , when the reservoir caused by the heat exchanger equipment required to prevent atmospheric corrosion , heat exchanger equipment in good condition to ensure a clean surface .

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