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                One, why should the container (tank) regular cleaning?

                1, in order to ensure the oil quality, regular inspection and cleaning of oil tank oil tank bottom. The storage time is longer, the more sediment oxidation produce, the more serious impact on the oil quality. Therefore, you must regularly check the tank bottom, to determine the need for cleaning.

                2, macroscopic examination container (tank) corrosion inside the cleaning container regular (tank), to reduce the related to prolong life.

                3, in order to avoid the storage tank, tank truck, tank, oil tankers, container loading and unloading oil, into the impurities, moisture, grease and fiber, rust black oil, long-term accumulation of oil quality, causing direct losses.


                How long is the two, tank cleaning cycle?

                The normal requirements of various oil tank cleaning cycle is: light oil and lubricating oil tank cleaning once a year for two years, heavy diesel oil tank cleaning time.

                Three, how to identify the oil quality?

                1, through the formal test unit test;

                2, the most intuitive method: look at the color, smell, density measurement, test results

                How to number four, tanker oil? What is the allowable error?

                1, to the formal business gas station to refuel, every gas station and the computer motherboard procedures have anti-cheat function, once the debugging flow, will automatically lock.

                2, to see the tanker on the green label. This label is a sign of the city of Quality Supervision Bureau metrology verification, emblazoned with the effective date. If to refuel, found the effective date of the tanker has expired, then the measurement of the machine can not guarantee.

                3, according to the national standard refueling machine is +-3%, but the Technology Supervision Bureau for metering refueling machine calibration in -3 ‰, reason is in a period of time after the meter will wear high traffic (refueling machine filter clogging flow becomes small), so generally less 5 ‰ the amount of oil! (theoretical data for reference only)
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