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                Safety responsibility
                The mission of environmen…
                Safety responsibility Home - Social responsibility

                Kelin people with social responsibility and mission of life and property safety is the responsibility of guarantee, social stability and the enterprise development if we do not pay attention to safety consciousness, safety risks regardless of security measures, rather than against, but not strict, so the consequences unimaginable. A serious safety accidents cause many broken families, to many people bring misfortune, many property come to nothing, many related personnel implicated...... Do not penny wise and pound foolish. Jane and grief! With the rapid development of today, safety accident get in by every opening, besides those who rely on luck just the idea that you are not in the calm, but in the petrochemical industry, numerous safety accidents in petrochemical storage and operation frequent not only, cause huge loss is also unable to statistics. And later, people talk about oil color, and tank cleaning operations and can not touch. Among the oil accident behind Kelin clean rigorous scholarship, the objective causes of accidents as origin; with the scientific basis to prevent; practice oriented; to demonstrate the test according to comprehensive security for the purpose. Test analysis, practice together with the well-known experts; formulate for handling schemes; eliminate potential safety problems fundamentally. For tank cleaning industry opened up a road of sustainable development.
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