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                Safety responsibility
                The mission of environmen…
                The mission of environmental protection Home - Social responsibility

                The mission of environmental protection science and Technology Innovation -- "green rise"

                Technology innovation is the strategic target of Shenzhen Kelin cleaning; scientific and technological innovation lead tank cleaning line, industry, is the foundation of special cleaning of safe and high efficient, thus becoming Kelin cleaning the long-term development of the core. Over the years, Kelin of revolution equipment technology of oil tank cleaning, the cleaning is safer, more efficient, more green.

                The rise of green, "green washing" is a kind of responsibility and obligation Kelin people

                In the cleaning container, whether the waste and waste water produced by the inevitable existence, chemical tank, tank cleaning construction or mechanical equipment, pipeline, Kelin establish docking with the specified one hundred hazardous waste disposal mechanism, plan, system science and discharge of sewage to strengthen more than sewage pipe, refused to directly into life environment to avoid the two pollution, green earth for future generations.

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